Status Update

ON0MNS – OPERATIONAL  QRG: 145.7125 MHz, Shift -600KHz, Tone 74,4Hz

Mode: C4FM and FM Analog, Wires-X Node 17165 – Connected to Room 27259 (ON0LRG)

ON0MON – OPERATIONAL  QRG: 439.1125 MHz, Shift -7.6MHz, no tone

Mode: DSTAR (Default DCS011 D) – APRS 144.800 MHz (Digipeater + iGate)


Feb 08 2016

DMR Repeater

I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong. (Bertrand Russell)

Max IW0GXY is a great friend but he is also a problem (to me) at the same time; it is solely his fault if I reach the point to dig the internet to find a way to build a home-brew DMR repeater.

We are evaluating several ways ranging from a ready-made Hytera repeater for 1800 Euro to a cheap experimental MMDVR board plus two Motorola GM300 or two Kenwood TK-805.
Honestly there is absolutely nothing in between unless you want to consider the Motorola DR3000 as a valid solution which costs more than the Hytera compare to a brand new Motorola or like an Hytera compare to a used device on eBay with absolutely zero warranty, so Hytera is more convenient than a Motorola and MMDVM is more convenient in absolute.

There is another offer, a chinese Tytera, KYD, MYT, BelFone, you-name-it products which are not available on the B2C market but only on Alibaba and again no warranty on any aspect and I mean: compatibility, quality, reliability, etc.

No rush…


Feb 04 2016

Obtorto collo, DMR

In cooperation with IW0GXY (formerly ON4GXY) Massimiliano, I started to explore the non-sense of the DMR technology. We bought a pair of Tytera MD-380 handhelds and a couple of DV4mini and we will try to experiment on such technology. I got my ID 2066034 which is required by the repeater in order to grant access to the equipment.

The plan is to explore the radio and try to catch the flavor of it and then, eventually, install an access point or a repeater.

Stay tuned…

Jan 22 2016

OT1P – Returned callsign

I decided to return the vanity call OT1P which was assigned to me some years ago. I’m not really active and not doing contest anymore therefore it was just a real vanity issue.
It won’t be available for the next 5 years, perhaps by then I will change my mind and ask for it again.
I will honor my QSL up to the 31st of December 2015.

Jan 08 2016

ON0MNS Outage

ON0MNS – 145.7125 MHz C4FM/Analog Fusion Repeater is not working as expected.
We are aware of the issue, please DO NOT USE THE REPEATER as we don’t know if it is an antenna or a repeater problem.

We are working to solve the issue, sorry for any inconvenience it could cause.


Jan 06 2016

Scheduled Maintenance

Please be informed that we are scheduling a maintenance to the DSTAR and C4FM Repeaters.
The following improvement might be implemented:

  • VHF Repeater ON0MNS:
    • Repeater DR-1XE Firmware upgrade to version 1.00m/DSP 4.11
    • HMI-200 Firmware update to version 1.10d
    • Experiment of Digital and Analog cross-modes (D-to-D / D-to-A / A-to-D / A-to-A)
    • Wires-X software upgrade
    • Server/Rack cleanup
  • UHF Repeater ON0MON:
    • Review of the CCS7 implementation
    • Software upgrade
    • OLed Display replacement
    • Cabling and clean-up.


The date will be decided at the next technical meeting of the SysOps and announced via this blog.

Jan 06 2016

I7HAZ – Silent Key

On the 24th of December a great man passed away to a better life.
Claudio Zamaro Fiorentino, I7HAZ, my mentor in the electronic and amateur radio world; I received my first rig and my first antenna from him. He is the one that followed me during my first steps and taught the amateur radio spirit.
Along with a great passion of the radios, Claudio was very skilled in handicraftsman and smith.
Proud Italian, he was always wearing somewhere an Italian flag but also proud of his Greek roots.

He will be in memories forever.

Ciao Claudio, γειά χαρά.

Dec 13 2015

New hosting!

I just changed my hosting and domain maintainer from Hosteur (aka Asturian Networks) to FranceDNS because 35 Euro are not worth to be harassed by a disrespectful hosting provider. I lost 35 Euro and 5 years of a .BE domain registration with this move but the relief I’m enjoying is priceless.
This website was hosted by that Swiss/French platform maintained by unprofessional people with absolutely no respect of their customers. I cannot accept the lack of technical knowledge and the arrogance, but most s when they think you must receive their spam just because you are their customer. Yes, they were NOT able (willing?) to stop sending me spam messages for their product. They were providing a “unsubscribe” link which was not working (unprofessional!) and nobody, despite the several email I sent them was able (willing?) to stop it. The ridiculous answers on a ticket are the bright light of the lack of technical expertise in that infrastructure.

Shame on you Hosteur, Shame on you Asturian Networks, disrespecting your customers is the worst marketing choice!!!

Nov 18 2015


Lemming was a famous game for Amiga developed in the early beginning of this century. The player must “drive and address” the leader of a trail of dummy people in a queue, in order to achieve the goal, usually the door to the next level. Amateur Radio Operators are nowadays a bunch of Lemming!

Someone decides for a new technology and thousand of people are, like the Lemmings, following his directive without questioning if it will affect themselves or change their life. When I invested in my equipment, I took in mind the fact that one day they would become obsolete, I never took in mind that they would become INCOMPATIBLE because someone decided to change a technology in favor of his personal idea and a bunch of Lemmings accept the change.

I will sell my equipment, I’m not seeing any benefit to keep them. I don’t want to obey like a Lemming to someone else rules when someone else is NOT a certified authority.


Nov 15 2015

Repeaters status

ON0MON and ON0MNS are back operational.

ON0MON is connected to the DCS011-D however due to the CCS7 configuration I have no idea if it works or not, feedback are very welcome, please let me know via comment or via private message if you are experiencing any issue with the D-Star Repeater.

ON0MNS is connected to the WIRES-X Network and join the room 27259 which includes, at the moment of writing this post, ON0LGE, ON0LUS and ON0LRG repeaters.

Regarding the rumors about a DMR installation at Rouveroy, at the moment there are no plans to invest in another digital technology especially if that technology is proprietary and controlled by a single user/team located in another country not willing to share it among the repeater system administrator. In this light, and thank you for reading the complete message, I am planning to decommission off the D-Star repeater. I don’t like someone else to dictate rules on something not belonging to them.

Oct 17 2015

QRT (the blog!) (not anymore)

OK, I changed my mind, the blog will stay up for a while. I found a different (better?) hosting and eventually I will find some time to keep the blog up to date. Thank you for your feedback!

Due to lack of feedback and lack of time this blog will be switched off on the 31st of October December 2015.

Hey you reading this message: thank you.

Basilio – ON8CB aka OT1P aka IZ7ZAK

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