Solar PowerBank for FT-817ND

Solar PowerBank for FT-817ND

Weekend project: Solar rechargeable Power Bank for the FT-817ND.

I had two spare batteries, a plastic box IP65, a 20W solar panel with its controller, a tripod and some wires lying around my garage and I’ve decided to build something with it. I placed the two batteries in the box and wired using a 1.5mm cable, then installed the solar panel controller outside and wired the batteries to it. I’ve used a 3 X 12V car plugs as output considering that the solar panel controller has two USB ports embedded so I will have both 12V and 5V ready available anytime.

For the step two I started to build the support for the solar panel, which is quite small and try to find the best angle in order to get the maximum from the solar panel, the tripod will be used for both the solar panel and as a support for the dipole or vertical antenna.

  • 2x Yuasa 12V – 7A sealed acid batteries (Amazon/eBay 10/12 Euro each)
  • Solar Charge Controller (Amazon, 20 Euro)
  • IP65 Outdoor box (Your favorite DIY store or Amazon/eBay for 10/15 Euro)
  • 20W (or more) Solar Panel Polycristal (Amazon 30 Euro)
  • 3x 12V Car Power Socket (At a gas station for 5.99 Euro)
  • A tripod stand, for speakers or similar (Scrappy or ask your church, usually they have a lot of them unused).
  • Wires, screws, nuts, bolts, connectors, joints etc. as you need (in your crap-collector, that tray in your garage, the one full of everything you don’t really need but you don’t want to get rid of).

If you would like to know more about it please post your question below.


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    1. Hi OM, thank you for your suggestion, I had to balance between quality and quantity and I choose the quality 🙂 73!

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