Wires-X Ports

Wires-X Ports

Regarding the configuration of the Wires-X software (, I forgot to mention that some ports on the router MUST be open in order to have the voice/data flow from the repeater to the Internet and backward.

It is possible to rely on the embedded uPNP protocol however I strongly recommend to manually open the ports in order to have them permanently configured.

The repeater should be configured on a static IP address in order to have the port forwarding activated.
If your network is based on Network Address Translation (NAT) Protocol then the correct configuration is Static IP and Port Forwarding.

Due to the high number of router firmware available on the market, I cannot provide any help on how to configure your NAT and/or Static IP. This is the extract from the instruction provided by Yaesu for the port forwarding.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 21.25.31In the Wires-X software configuration, under Tool(T) there is a function called Port Check; that application will help you in the verification process for port forwarding configuration.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 23.15.34

2 thoughts on “Wires-X Ports

    1. Hi Ed,
      What do you mean with outbound triggering port? The only ports required to be open on the server side and, obviously on the router are those listed in the post above and are:
      – 46100/UDP
      – 46110/UDP
      – 46112/UDP
      – 46114/UDP
      – 46120/UDP
      – 46122/UDP

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