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This is tough.

The hardware repeater that was in C4FM and Analog (Yaesu Fusion) running on ON0MON is now running at Rouveroy (JO20AI) as ON0MNS in VHF therefore there is no more C4FM repeater as ON0MON.

There is at the moment just the APRS Digipeater in JO10xm however in the next few days I will install a new repeater and everybody will be happy


Voice Beacon

Voice Beacon

I received a request of explanation about the voice beacon running every 10 minutes on the C4FM repeater.

The system says: “This is ON0MON Wires-X connected to 17165, one node.

I think it is better than the classic CW callsign because it is giving the real status of the repeater and is also giving a hint to those which are casual tuners.

I wish Yaesu implements a customizable voice message so it could also announce, for example, the subtone in use or the locator.

Wires-X Ports

Wires-X Ports

Regarding the configuration of the Wires-X software (, I forgot to mention that some ports on the router MUST be open in order to have the voice/data flow from the repeater to the Internet and backward.

It is possible to rely on the embedded uPNP protocol however I strongly recommend to manually open the ports in order to have them permanently configured.

The repeater should be configured on a static IP address in order to have the port forwarding activated.
If your network is based on Network Address Translation (NAT) Protocol then the correct configuration is Static IP and Port Forwarding.

Due to the high number of router firmware available on the market, I cannot provide any help on how to configure your NAT and/or Static IP. This is the extract from the instruction provided by Yaesu for the port forwarding.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 21.25.31In the Wires-X software configuration, under Tool(T) there is a function called Port Check; that application will help you in the verification process for port forwarding configuration.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 23.15.34

C4FM Yaesu DR-1x Repeater with HRI-200

C4FM Yaesu DR-1x Repeater with HRI-200

Yes, in the title you get everything. All in a line.

Before any discussion, I have to give credits:

– Marco – CSY&Son for the provisioning of the repeater ( ;
– Max ON4GXY aka IW0GXY for being the best partner you can get if you want to do experiments and troubleshooting.

Seriously, I just received a new repeater, Yaesu Fusion DR-1x and the Internet connector HRI-200.
It is sharing the frequencies with the D-Star Repeater and I have to admit Yaesu did a good job with it.

In fact the repeater is extremely easy to install and operate, only one small concern:
Why there is no power supply for the European version? The US and the JP version are including the power supply, the EU version not… Why Yaesu???

Anyway, the repeater is also connected to the Wires-X Node and Room system of Yaesu, which are Node 17165 and Room 27165 for the repeater.

The configuration is “cross” which basically means RX AUTO, and TX FM FIX, which is the only configuration working with the HRI-200 in order to have it connected to the Wires-X Network.

Everybody is expecting a new firmware to be released soon (they said January but we are mid of February and there is no firmware at the horizon yet).

Feel free to test it as you like and ask for any kind of mod you like.

P.S.: Soon I will post all the steps to configure the DR-1X to the HRI-200 and make it working on Wires-X.