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Status Update

Status Update

ON0MNS – OPERATIONAL  QRG: 145.7125 MHz, Shift -600KHz, Tone 74,4Hz

Mode: C4FM and FM Analog, Wires-X Node 17165 – Connected to Room 27259 (ON0LRG)

ON0MONQRT 31 DEC 2016 QRG: 439.1125 MHz, Shift -7.6MHz, no tone

Mode: DSTAR (Default DCS011 D) – APRS 144.800 MHz (Digipeater + iGate)


ON0MON Activation

ON0MON Activation

As I wrote on the previous message, I’ve been for three weeks roaming around Europe. So I went back and I just recalled the fact I gave the postal box key to a friend in order to collect the mailing a couple of times per week. There were some leaflet and some envelope in the mailbox but I decided they could wait for a couple of days, till monday to be read (and bills get paid).
Today the friend show up at my house, he notice the truck parked at the common parking lot and understood we were at home, so he brought the mailbox key to us with the mail (and bills).

One envelope caught my attention, it had BIPT on the top left side of it… I knew what was inside but I had no strength to open it… my son told me I had a big smile on my face while I was staring at the envelope and he become curious about the content as well.

It is the repeater license for ON0MON and I’ve been granted APRS and DSTAR capabilities!

I conducted some tests with my call sign for a certain period but everybody was saying the repeater permit and call would take over a year to get granted, so I was not in hurry to setup everything and I was considering the infrastructure as testing equipment.

So I started the APRS Gateway, changed the call and password and now ON0MON is operational on 144.800 for APRS operations.

The DSTAR capability will take a couple of days before being operational. I setup two different DSTAR repeaters, one is based on 2x Motorola GM900, UHF duplexer/cavity, embedded power supply and DVRPTR V2 board OLED Display version, max power 25W.
The second one is based on a modified 2x Standard C-5608 + Dutch Star GPSK Modem + 35A Switching Power Supply.
Both are feeding a vertical antenna on top of 15m tower.

Frequencies for the DSTAR Repeater are:

Frequency: 439.1375 MHz
Shift: -7.6 MHz

Someone once stated I decided to stay on the wrong part of Belgium… well, it looks like something made that assumption to be wrong and I’m pretty sure he will be happy to be wrong on that statement. 😉

I’m thankful to the UBA for the support they are providing in order to activate the repeater, a special thanks goes to Filip ON4PC (UBA Repeater Manager). He is doing a tough job and language barriers are not helping the management of the structure. We had some arguments in the past and I hope they were constructive for our activities.