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Tower – Mission accomplished

Tower – Mission accomplished

13 meters of aluminum tower has been installed in my very restricted space
I was always used to say that I had a lot of space for antennas at my house but all the space is vertical…
Finally with my great colleagues of the radio club ON4MNS we found a way to exploit the vertical space.
As usual the credit goes to:

  • ONL11758 – Giorgio, the “pusher”…
  • ON5AFB – Aurelio, the climber…
  • ON3KE – Camille, the master…

Final installation includes:

  1. Comet H-422 Dipole
  2. Diamond 1430S7 Yagi 2m/70cm
  3. Diamond X-510 Vertical
  4. G5RV Half Size Dipole

Soon I will publish some videos and update my Flickr photo album.

P.S.: There is a camera on top of the tower, I found a temporary solution and now it is broadcasting on my family website. Feel free to sneak a peak …