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Lemming was a famous game for Amiga developed in the early beginning of this century. The player must “drive and address” the leader of a trail of dummy people in a queue, in order to achieve the goal, usually the door to the next level. Amateur Radio Operators are nowadays a bunch of Lemming!

Someone decides for a new technology and thousand of people are, like the Lemmings, following his directive without questioning if it will affect themselves or change their life. When I invested in my equipment, I took in mind the fact that one day they would become obsolete, I never took in mind that they would become INCOMPATIBLE because someone decided to change a technology in favor of his personal idea and a bunch of Lemmings accept the change.

I will sell my equipment, I’m not seeing any benefit to keep them. I don’t want to obey like a Lemming to someone else rules when someone else is NOT a certified authority.


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Repeaters status

Repeaters status

ON0MON and ON0MNS are back operational.

ON0MON is connected to the DCS011-D however due to the CCS7 configuration I have no idea if it works or not, feedback are very welcome, please let me know via comment or via private message if you are experiencing any issue with the D-Star Repeater.

ON0MNS is connected to the WIRES-X Network and join the room 27259 which includes, at the moment of writing this post, ON0LGE, ON0LUS and ON0LRG repeaters.

Regarding the rumors about a DMR installation at Rouveroy, at the moment there are no plans to invest in another digital technology especially if that technology is proprietary and controlled by a single user/team located in another country not willing to share it among the repeater system administrator. In this light, and thank you for reading the complete message, I am planning to decommission off the D-Star repeater. I don’t like someone else to dictate rules on something not belonging to them.

Status Update

Status Update

ON0MNS – OPERATIONAL  QRG: 145.7125 MHz, Shift -600KHz, Tone 74,4Hz

Mode: C4FM and FM Analog, Wires-X Node 17165 – Connected to Room 27259 (ON0LRG)

ON0MONQRT 31 DEC 2016 QRG: 439.1125 MHz, Shift -7.6MHz, no tone

Mode: DSTAR (Default DCS011 D) – APRS 144.800 MHz (Digipeater + iGate)


Technical Updates

Technical Updates

Today I introduced some small changes to the two repeaters:

– Added CTCSS Tone to the C4FM/Analog Yaesu Fusion Repeater, tone is 100Hz
– Temporarily disconnected the D-Star Repeater from the World Wide Network to avoid interference between the two systems.

Repeater(s) frequencies:

– UHF 439.1125 MHz
– Shift: -7.6 MHz
– Repeater A modulations: Analog FM and C4FM, CTCSS Tone 74.4Hz 100Hz;
– Repeater B modulations: D-Star only (Standalone repeater);

APRS Node: 144.800 MHz

The plan is to re-connect the D-Star to the internet by the end of the week.

ON0MON back online

ON0MON back online

The repeater is back operational and working perfectly. There are no more Raspberry Pi for me; even if the repeater is experimental and subject to outages, it should not be for an unreliable hardware. Raspberry Pi are good for playing with and for home applications, not for a 24/7 repeater.

The server is now a Intel Xeon running at 3GHz with “just” 4GB Ram and a 64bit Operating System.

Ah… just because you spent your time reading this post, here is a teaser: soon there will be some big changes, so now, more than before, stay tuned! 🙂

Unexpected outage – Work in progress

Unexpected outage – Work in progress

The first Raspberry PI broke a week before the winter holidays, luckily I had a second Raspberry PI and so by simply swapping the memory card I was able to restore the repeater in a couple of minutes.
Today the second Raspberry Pi decided to stop working so I’m moving everything on a spare computer I have but it will be based on Windows due to some hardware incompatibilities with Linux.

So, ON0MON is work in progress, expecting to be back no later than tonight, 1st Feb 2015.

Stay tuned.

100% Service UP

100% Service UP

Holidays are over and everything is back operational.
I’m considering to shutdown this website, quite useless as there are no real feedback and no real benefits and move to the more common Facebook platform. Twitter accounts are already setup…

Hey you two people (spammers excluded) out there that are reading this blog time by time: if one day it will be unreachable try again after a couple of days, if still unresponsive means I shutdown the website. 🙂

ON0CPS QRT, I can’t blame the sysop…

ON0CPS QRT, I can’t blame the sysop…

ON0CPS D*Star Repeater is definitely QRT, not seen online since 25 Dec 2013.

I can’t blame Roger ON4BK, sysop for ON0CPS D*Star Repeater. I went through the statistical reports and the results are depressing. There are just 11 transits routed by IRCDDB in over 1 year. Read again, OVER 1 YEAR!

These cannot justify any repeater unless it is located in the middle of the desert and provided for safety purposes but this is not the case for ON0CPS. It is an AMATEUR radio repeater maintained by a normal person with his regular life.

The main problem for the D*Star is the scattered access, it is useless when you have so many “rooms-and-channels” and not enough people to use them. Example given: DCS011, the Belgian HUB, there are at the moment of writing this, 33 Repeaters connected, mostly Belgian (ON), a couple Swiss (HB) and some French (F).

Two of them are in the “World Wide” channel, 11 are in the Belgium General channel, 1 in the Flemish channel, 17 French channel and 2 in a chatroom.

During the last 2 days (50 hours) the French channel, the “most” populated from the  was used just 40 times…  The Flemish channel got 11 contacts in 11 days, an average of 1 user per day and most of the calls are from a German callsign.

What that means: The D*Star is useless like any other repeater in Belgium. Belgian are not really keen to chat via radio anymore, there are just few brave people which are still interested in this hobby but they will give up soon due to lack of correspondents.

Do you want to know the statistics for ON0MON? Well in almost a year of activity, including the test and the quality assurance calls, there were 3 users which tried to connect to ON0MON and myself.

I’m giving time till the end of 2014 to see if the traffic grows otherwise I will declare QRT as it is a waste of energy and resources.

ON0CPS Dashboard on CCS:
X-Net DCS011 Users:
X-Net DCS011 Dashboard:
X-Net DCS011 Group Info:
DCS011 Live Monitor:
IRCDDB Status (Belgium):




ON0MON APRS is back online. I tried several different APRS applications but none of them was working really good on the second Raspberry Pi. Most of them were simply too entangled in configuration and connections. All the examples and experiences I found online are based on the audio modem configuration. Well I bought a real TNC so I can’t see the point to use a USB dongle instead of my TNC, but no one posted an example on how to use the software with a KISS-like TNC.

Now ON0MON D*Star Repeater is working extremely well, amazing configuration and the server is up and running non-stop since several days.

APRS is back on a Windows machine Atom-based with 2 GB of RAM and 64GB SSD Harddrive running APRSISCE/32, exactly like it was a week ago.

Happy New Year.

D*Star Up, APRS Down

D*Star Up, APRS Down

During the last days the D*Star repeater was having some strange behavior by looping itself and dropping the connection to the DCS011 which is the default hub. I did some investigation and I realized that the Windows version of the software are having problems.

Now the repeater is running on a Raspberry Pi version B using the exact software but Linux version and seems to be a little bit better stable but still having issues with DCS011. In fact it drops the connection and tries to connect every minute. The beacon announces the connection to the DCS but in fact it is not connected. It isn’t something which happens very often so it can be that the problem is located somewhere else, such as the Internet connectivity, the DCS itself… who knows… Investigation ongoing.

The APRS instead is now partially (not) working. The computer in charge to run the D*Star software is offline and the APRS system is setup to act as a digipeater only. No iGate capabilities at the moment. I’m planning to setup a smaller PC running just the APRS software. It is a waste of resources to run a quad-core server with 8GB of RAM just for the APRS. I have a small Foxconn Atom which should suffice the requirement for the APRS iGate and Digipeater.

Tomorrow is another day.